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Become an American Red Cross (ARC) Instructor

This training Authorize Instructor to teach Basic Life Support

(Information will be discussed regarding Bridging at the live class)

BLS Discipline Instructor Course - $290

(Books not included)

(Click for Class Schedule)

All Instructor Candidates must present their Valid Identification at time of class for our records (State ID or Driver's License preferred).

PREREQUISITES:  Must have BLS Provider Card (take course from us)

BOOKS REQUIRED:  BLS Provider Manual and BLS Instructor Manual (We provide all books required - Ebook)

ONLINE PORTION:   Must be completed before the Classroom (LIVE) portion.  ONLINE PORTIONS will be sent to your email.


  • Instructor Training (Video presentation, discussion and guidance on Books, forms and equipment)

  • BLS Provider Skills Evaluation

  • BLS Instructor Written Exam

MONITORING:  After completion of the Classroom portion, Instructor Candidate will be required to teach a BLS class (Renewal or Initial).  May be done on the day of the instructor class.  Details will be discussed at the Live Class. 


  • American Red Cross Discount Program 

  • Access to the American Red Cross Learning Center

  • We will discuss process of issuing cards to your students at the Live Class

Instructor Training Policies

Cancellation Policy:   We book our instructors based on our student registrations in order to maintain mandatory ARC instructor/student ratios. Therefore, you must give us 8 days written notice (email: with subject line:  CANCELLATION) in order to receive a full refund minus a $50 service charge.  NO REFUND if class is cancelled less than 8 days before the class.  

If Instructor Blended Course was emailed to you, the refund will be the full amount less $85 ($35 Instructor Blended Course plus $50 Service charge)

Instructor Essential Course is emailed to the Instructor Candidate at least 24 hours after enrollment but no more than 72 hours

Reschedule Policy:   

  • 3 or more days notice - $25 fee will be implemented 

  • less than 3 days notice - $50 fee will be implemented

  • 2nd Occurrence and thereafter $50 fee will be implemented


BeginCPR CANCEL Form cannot be used for this course, you must email to reschedule with Subject line CANCEL

BeginCPR RESCHEDULE Form cannot be used for this course, you must email to reschedule with Subject line RESCHEDULE

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