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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and QNAF Questions Not Asked Frequently

If you are experiencing technical issues with the Online Portion, please call Red Cross at 1(800)733-2767

What is Blended Learning?, and how long does it take to complete the online portion of the course?
Student will be able to complete an online course at their convenience followed by an in-person skill evaluation with an Instructor. Completing the online course varies depending on who is taking the online course and how they time themselves (between 1.5 hours to 4 hours, sometimes longer)

How do I access the online course?
Please allow up to 2 hours to receive an email from Salesforce with instructions on how to access the online course (may appear in SPAM folder) If you have not received it within the day, please contact us at

2nd Method to access online course:
1. Visit
2. Click "Log In" in upper right corner
3. Click "Forgot Password"
4. Enter email used during enrollment

Once you have created a new password, return to and Log In to access the online course.

Please contact us at if you are experiencing trouble accessing the online course.


When can I start my online course?

We advise that you start your online course as soon as you have access to your online course.

When do I need to contract American Red Cross for problem accessing my online course?


If after contacting us and we are unable to help you, due to instances that we cannot control, trouble shoot or help you fix your problem in accessing your online course, change your name, change information or other things that are beyond our capability as a training site and instructor, then we will direct you to find the solution will by calling American Red Cross -  Main Phone Number: 1 800 RED CROSS ( 1-800-733-2767)

Do I take Blended Course or Instructor led course?

If it is the first time you are taking the course you need, we advise that you take the Instructor led course, although the time you spend in the classroom is more, the benefits outweighs the convenience of blended course.   You have more hands on practice and interactive learning experience.   If you have taken the course you need, and you cannot spend more time in the classroom, then Blended learning is a more practical choice.  However, a good number of students who has never taken the course they need but elected the Blended learning still completed their Skills Session well.   Our instructors, guide our students through the skills they need to complete the course.  

Do I need BLS or CPR? 

BLS certification is generally more intensive and complex than CPR training and encompasses a wider variety of medical training. A CPR (if you need Adult and Pediatric, you must look for a course that covers both) course can often be a precursor, but not necessary to taking a BLS certification course, which is often considered a slightly more advanced option.  Layperson (non healthcare providers) CPR training is generally what is taken if participants are not healthcare providers.   Employers accept both CPR Training and BLS for Healthcare Providers when CPR Training is required.    Please note that if you are required or in addition to CPR training is required to take First Aid Training, First Aid Training is NOT the same as CPR or BLS Training.  If you need First Aid Training you must ensure that the course you are taking includes First Aid Training or you may take First Aid Training as a separate course online or in person.   

Please click on the List of Jobs/Professions that require BLS for Healthcare Providers
If your job/profession is not on the list, ask your employer if you need BLS or CPR.  

How do I change or cancel my appointment?
To reschedule, visit RESCHEDULE |
To cancel and request a refund, visit Cancel My Session |

How much time do I have to complete the online course?
You will have until your scheduled in-person skills session to complete the online portion. If you are unable to finish before then, we can reschedule your hands-on evaluation. Please view Terms & Conditions for cancellation policy.

How can I sign up for Blended Learning?
Visit the ENROLL page to choose your course and desired date and time. Full payment is required upon checkout. You may also call us
at (510) 221-9317 or email us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Do you offer full courses?
We are currently offering Blended Learning Courses at this time.

How can I find my digital certificate?
You will receive your digital certificate by email once you have successfully completed the course within 3 business days (email if you have not receive an email by the 4th business day after completing your course).  Click on other ways to look up your digital certificate 

Is your CPR EMSA Approved? . Yes, check this link EMSA FAQ
This Q&A is on the link above:

Can I take my pediatric first aid and CPR training from the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association? If so, do I need the EMSA stickers on their course completion cards?

  • Yes, you can take pediatric First Aid and CPR training from the American Red Cross or American Heart Association. No, an EMSA sticker should not be on the American Red Cross or American Heart Association completion cards. It is illegal for the EMSA Stickers to be placed on these cards.

Please feel free to contact us by phone, text or email, should you have any further questions.


Phones:  510-221-9331 or 510-221-9317

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