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Begin CPR, LLC
When booking your class, please check all locations (if available) for more choices in class schedule.


Courses Offered:

American Heart Association Certifications

Instructor Training

Basic Life Support (CPR for Healthcare Providers)

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Pediatric Advanced Life Support/PEARS

American Red Cross Certifications

Instructor Training

CPR/First Aid (For Non-Healthcare Providers)

Basic Life Support (CPR for Healthcare Providers)

Advanced Life Support

Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Emergency Medical Response Training (Please email for next class)

Wilderness Training (Please email for next class)

Affiliations/Training Sites/Training Centers

American Red Cross Certification

(Ocampo Family Wellness & Training Center, Begin CPR, Begin Classes)

American Heart Certification

Begin Classes (CA02952-157), Training Center is CPR Suppliers (No. TN20925-124), Training Center is Prime Medical Training (Knoxville, TN)

American Safety Institute Certification (Begin CPR)

ProTrainings Certfication (Begin CPR)

AVERT Certification (Begin CPR)

BeginCPR, LLC & Ocampo Family Wellness & Training is an authorized Provider of American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American Safety Health Institute, Medic First Aid, Pro CPR and AVERT


EMSA Approved and OSHA Compliant

Advanced Bleeding Control and Active Violence Emergency Response Training Offered

 Approved courses for US Coast Guard, Firemen, Healthcare Providers and more



 “The standards of the American National Red Cross Standard First Aid or American National Red Cross Community First Aid & Safety courses and satisfies the First Aid training requirements of 46 CFR 11.201(i)(1)(ii) for a merchant mariner credential; AND ⦁ The standards of the American National Red Cross or the American Heart Association for CPR courses and satisfies the CPR training requirements of 46 CFR 11.201(i)(2)(iii) for a merchant mariner credential.”

 This statement is required by the AHA.  The American Heart Association promotes knowledge of and proficiency in CPR, and has developed instructional Materials for this purpose. Although this course is not sponsored by any AHA Component, some materials utilized by faculty of students may be American Heart Association Materials supplied on a cost basis. Any fees charged for this class do not represent revenue to IRS

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