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American Heart Association Access to ECards by Students

(student access allow Printing of Wall & Wallet Certificates, you may change security answers once access is granted)

Go to  AHA eCards verification ( Click Student (Highlighted in Red) Enter your Name and Email Address used to sign up for the class, if you have the Ecard Code enter Ecard Code.  Press Search

AHA Student Ecard.png

If Answer is Invalid (please follow instructions, either Add a space before ABC (or your security answer) or a space after ABC (or your security answer), remember a space is a binary code that makes a difference in the security answer.  If your card was claimed by your instructor/training center/site, a security question and answer will be assigned and given to you.  If you do not know the security answer, then Click  Forgot Security Answer (NOT THE SUBMIT BUTTON) 

Enter Security Answer.png

An email will be sent to you with the Security Answer.

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