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Also known as Active Shooter Emergency Response Training

Know What to Do During a Life-Threating Situation (Advanced Bleeding Control included in this Course)

AVERT TRAINING can Prepare You for Unexpected Encounters with Dangerous Individuals

Every business owner knows the risk of running a business. These risks are not just financial. These days, business owners need to be hyperaware of the threats that may compromise the integrity of their business, the safety of their employees, and the continued patronage of their customers. Knowing what to do if an emergency occurs could mean the difference between life and death. Active Assailant Training helps business owners and their employees be prepared for when, not if, this happens.

What is an Active Assailant or Active Shooter?

Active Assailants or Active Shooters are intruders who are threatening the security and safety of yourself, your employees, or your customers and clients. These individuals, or groups of people, may have guns, knives, or other weapons that threaten the integrity of life.

What’s Included in the AVERT TRAINING

Business owners and employees will learn the right things to do during these stressful and dangerous situations. Training includes covering topics such as:


Preparation and Discussion with Employees and Staff

It is the responsibility of every employer to ensure that their staff are safe on the job. In many cases, external threats cannot be avoided and so it is important that business owners take the time to ensure their staff are prepared and ready in case of emergencies.


Recognizing the Steps to Prevent Such Incidents

There are many things that can be done to protect yourself and employees, including ensuring doors are locked properly, alarm systems are in place and active, and an emergency protocol practice is in place.

How to Respond During Dangerous Situations

We’ll cover three steps to ensure your safety during encounters with Active Assailants. Following protocols ensures that everyone remains safe and provides the best chance for a positive outcome.

How to Conduct a Debriefing and Create Future Plans

Knowing how to support your employees following an encounter with an active assailant is as important as the pre-incident training. Providing proper support and debriefing can mean the difference between an employee who can return to work without issue and an employee that doesn’t return to work.


Safety in emergency situations


Keeping yourself safe in an emergency; helping others to safety; violent situations.

Communicating in emergency situations: Communication basics; communicating with others at the scene; communicating with the emergency dispatcher.

Advanced Bleeding Control Course or First Aid for Severe Bleeding

You can save a life.   Preparing for bleeding emergencies; recognizing that a bleeding emergency exists; emergency action steps; deciding to act in an emergency.

Caring for a person with life-threatening bleeding: Using pressure to stop bleeding; applying direct pressure;  using of hemostatic dressing and using a tourniquet; after the bleeding stops.

Why Should You Take Active Assailant Training?

Participation in this type of training builds confidence and trust amongst employers and employees. Knowing what to do in the event of an emergency helps everyone feel safe at work. It’s important to understand how people can protect themselves and how to best prepare your workplace to prevent such incidents from occurring.

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